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According, phlebotomy salary data for 2014 shows the average phlebotomist salary is $29,730 per year. That is a great starting wage for healthcare professionals that compares with many other positions where 4 year degrees are required.
More exciting is that the job growth expected in the next decade is 27%, which is a tremendous amount of growth. It could not be a better time to enroll in phlebotomy training in your area or line.

Phlebotomy Salary Data

Phlebotomy salary figures provided in the following section were taken from some of the highest quality salary websites and government data (all are cited in article). Remember that these are national medians and averages and may not apply to your specific area or employer.

Factors that Effect Phlebotomist Salary

We have compiled the biggest factors that can improve your salary as a phlebotomist or in the phlebotomy field. They are listed below:

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Earn a Phlebotomy Certification

Though only California and Louisiana require a phlebotomy certification, the fact that there are 48 states that don’t can actually be an opportunity to stand out amongst your peers. The American Society for Clinical Pathology offers all certification levels for all 50 states as a national certifying body. At a starting hourly wage of $14.06 per hour for a certified phlebotomist and $12.66 for non-certified phlebotomy technicians, there is a substantial reason to get certified. And that comes with an online phlebotomy certification too.

Job Experience

Experience is as important in the field of phlebotomy as it is in others. Below we detail what effect experience has on your phlebotomy salary opportunities.

Phlebotomy Salary by Experience Chart

Data from:

Employer Type

The type of employer you work for has a strong effect on a phlebotomist’s salary. Below is a chart that shows the wages offered by different types of employers.

Employer Median Annual Salary
Diagnostic Laboratory $36, 590
Private Practice $35,059
Non-Profit (e.g. blood bank) $33,172
Community Clinic $30,953
Public Hospital $28,407


Your Location

Phlebotomy Jobs are no different than most other fields in the United States where the highest salaries on average are in the Northeast and West coast of the country.

The graph below shows a sampling of some of the disparity in pay that exists from state to state.

State Employment(1) Employment per thousand jobs Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage (2)
Alaska 190 0.58 $19.33 $40,200
California 11,000 0.75 $18.48 $38,440
Delaware 430 1.04 $18.33 $38,120
New York 4,840 0.56 $17.96 $37,360
Massachusetts 2,440 0.75 $17.57 $36,540


Climb the Phlebotomy Pay Scale!

A phlebotomy specialist is the standard title carried by phlebotomy technicians. But there numerous other levels of certification that can make you a higher salary as a phlebotomist. For example, Patient Service Technician Specialist or a Registered Phlebotomy Specialist or a Collections Phlebotomy Specialist. These positions require extended training and certification but they do generally pay more. Becoming a phlebotomist or phlebotomy specialist requires additional training and in most cases extended work experience. But, the timetables are clearly laid out so check with your phlebotomy training program or employer for more detailed goal information for you phlebotomy salary expectations.

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